Forum Members are accomplished young professionals, organized into Forum Groups of 8-12 members based on comparable professional experience. Forum Groups share a lifelong journey of inspiration and growth--with both CCL Leaders and each other--that develop and advance them better and faster than going it alone.

Monthly Forum Group Meeting—two hours in length, led by one or more CCL Leaders. Share confidentially, exchange ideas, and develop perspectives on important career and life challenges.

Two-day Annual Leadership Conference—general sessions with CCL Leaders, and breakout sessions to dive deeper into how each member is developing and applying Purpose, Virtue and Tenacity in their life and career.

Semi-annual career workshops where subject experts address the highest priority career and leadership challenges members are facing.

Leader and Speaker Engagement—includes CCL speaker series, executive-led roundtables, dinner events, all designed to inspire and inform.

Individual mentorship with CCL Leaders to address important career and life decisions.

“I firmly believe in the power of small teams of high-performing individuals to produce the best results.”

– Admiral Eric Olson, Former Commander of Navy Seals and Joint Special Operations Command

CCL Forum Group: “The Power of Investing in Yourself”

– John Donahoe, CEO, ServiceNow, Former CEO, eBay and Bain & Company